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What are Quests?

At Symbiplex we have over 1000 quests for you to complete across multiple different categories, always making sure you have something to do and complete. Quests are available on our Survival and RPG servers. Quests when complete can allow you to get Symbits to spend in our shops as well as Symbiplex Levels to rank up and unlock more rewards.

Symbiplex levels allow you to have more Quests running at the same time allowing you to unlock the rewards faster! You also have to claim your rewards to be able to start questing, so make sure to claim your Symbiplex Level rewards!

This wiki page will walk you through how Questing works.

In our Survival Server, the Warp menu will display warps to the different quest NPCs that are scattered around spawn should you not want to use the GUI!

How to use Quests?

It is easier than you think! Simply run /quests and you will see the following categories:

O – Wheat – Farming Quests

O – Golden Pickaxe – Mining Quests

O – Hopper – Collecting Quests

O – Golden Sword – Hunter Quests

O – Enchantment Table – Enchanting Quests

O – Brewing Stand – Brewing Quests

O – Golden Axe – Wood Cutting

O – Quartz- Building Quests

O – Crafting table – Crafting Quests

O – Golden Shovel – Digging Quests

O – Lead – Activity Quests

O – Saddle – Misc Quests

O – Fishing rod – Fishing Quests

O – Eye of Ender – Impossible Quests – Good luck (these are really grindy!)

O – Anvil – Weaponsmith Quests

O – Bottle O Enchanting – EXP Quests

From here you can select a chosen category, just by clicking and then picking a quest to start!

Other Commands

O – /quests [or /q] – opens quest GUI

O – /quests help – view help screen for quests commands

O – /quests started – view a menu of started quests

O – /quests random [category] – start a random quest [in a random category]

O – /quests cancel <questid/*> – cancel quest by id

O – /quests q/quest <questid> <start|track|cancel> – start the quest directly by ID.

O – /quests c/category <categoryid> – open the category directly by ID.

Unlocked Quests

This will show an example of a category where all Quests are unlocked and ready for the player to complete. Each Quest category displays the Quests or pages of Quests which look like this:

In this example, the questing menu shows you all of the items you can craft

Progress quests

These are quests where you will have to unlock the quest before it before you can complete the next one. Each Quest category displays the Quests or pages of Quests which look like this:

The above screenshot shows the initial level of the quest, with the below displaying how this looks when the quest is locked!


Of course, we want our players at Symbiplex to be competitive we, therefore, have leaderboards showcasing who is the best quester! This is displayed at the main Survival Spawn (Survival only). It will populate all our top players like this!


Trading Signs

Using The signs

We utilise trading signs here at Symbiplex as an alternative way to sell items to other players. This wiki page will explain how you do this. The intention is that this will be a backup feature ahead of our Shop Plot shopping feature. This feature builds on the features set out in our admin shops and works in a similar way using Symbits. Players typically use these types of signs to sell items to other players.

Right-clicking the sign by the owner with the item being sold will restock the sign with more items.

Right-clicking the sign by the owner collects the items/cash stored in the sign.

Anybody else Right-clicking the sign will buy the items being sold if they have the ‘cost’ on them.

<item> can be a shortname ie ‘bonemeal’ or itemId ‘351,15’

NOTE: You need to have the amount of the item you are selling in your inventory.

How to Create the Signs


Line1: Must be ‘[Trade]’
Line2: What you wantLine3: What you are giving away

It should be'<amount> <cost>’

It should be:
‘<amount> <cost>:<total>’Total is the amount to place on the sign.

If the syntax is correct
Your name will appear on line 4.
NOTE: The above pictures show $ as the currency rather than Symbits, within the server this will be different

Survival Crates


Our Crates feature is across the whole server and combines a mixture of Crates for Survival, Voting as well as Cosmetics and Pets. This wiki page will take you through the basics of claiming and using these crates as well as share what you can gain from this. Global Crates and Keys will be separate from Survival Crates as there will be some differences between them all!

Crates on our servers will usually have their own unique warp to claim using:

/warp crates


or /warps and finding the warp within the warp navigation menu.

The majority of our crates will have their own Chest with holograms above them to describe what they look like. An example of this is Survival Crates:

As you can see that there are a number of different Crates on our server to access.

Crates + Keys basics

Right-clicking on the crate will give you a menu that shows all of the items within the Crate. An example of this is the Vote Crate:

The music disc 11 will be able to be clicked on in order to close the menu.

You can highlight the reward to know what it is and this will give you the chance of receiving this reward. For example, if we want the Wither Rose icon:

Once you have a key left clicking the Crate will open the create and process the animation.

Note: Survival does not just have Crates that require Keys but also Crates that can be opened directly in the inventory.

Global Crates

Please visit our Global Crates page – Here

Voting Crates

On Symbiplex Survival we have 2 types of Vote crates. Once you have voted you will be given a Vote Chance Crate. This Crate will give you a chance to get a Vote Key, as you can Vote up to 8 times you get 8 of these a day and its down to the world of RnG to give you as many Vote keys as possible.

This key is used in a different mode where you right-click to redeem the reward.

Once you receive a vote key you can visit the /crates and with the key in your hand, you can left-click the chest and start the reward!

The reward animation will start:

Shown by multiple colours when the reward is given it will go all dark and give you the item or the reward from the middle! In this case, I got an Enchanted Golden Apple

These keys are obtained via Voting, Vote Key chance crates, and when you Vote on all sites each day.

The rewards for these will be listed at the bottom of this wiki page.

Crate tiers

Although Voting Crates is the first step of the process of growing up into different crates the following Crate tiers apply:

Level 1 – Vote Crate

level 2 – Common Crate

level 3 – Uncommon Crate

level 4 – Rare Crate

level 5 – Legendary Crate

Each Crate has its own unique colour and key of the same colour that can be used. Much like the vote crate above, left-click with the key in your hand to open the Crate. As the Tiers increase the better the rewards that can be obtained via them, each Crate has a chance to get a Key of Crates at a higher Level than this Crate. Eg. The Rare Crate has a chance to get a Legendary Crate key.

Like the Voting Crates, you can right-click to display the current rewards that can be obtained.

Keys can also be bought via our in-server shop. They can also be earnt through Symbiplex Levels and other rewards.

Note: The Survival keys will have monthly changing items to keep them exciting and encourage our players to get all of the collectables.

Note: Each tier has a collectable item for you to achieve! Try and find them all!

Lootcase & DailyLootbox

Lootcases are a special reward you receive when Voting on all of the Vote sites like the Vote Chance you right-click to open these in your inventory. This Crate gives you 1 or more keys to each of the tiers to get you going!

DailyLootbox will be added in an up and coming update.

The Rewards

We have displayed our rewards this way, as we constantly change our rewards to best suit the server.

[iframe src=”;headers=false”]

Grief Prevention / Claims


One of the most important features of our Survival Server is Claims. Claims allow you to have a protected area where players can not enter or interact with chests, items, or grief. This feature allows you to have a safe space away from others and be able to log on one day without fear someone has stolen your Diamonds. Grief Prevention and Claims allows you to add players to your Claims and specify which permissions you can grant within your own Claim. Not only does it protect you against player grief but also server grief such as explosions or something trivial such as Enderman stealing blocks! Survival wants to treat all players with respect and allow them to have some protection against others, at the end of the day the Server is a public Server and anyone can join when they please.

You can have multiple Claims across the server each with its own permissions that you can set. The size of your claim depends on the number of Claim blocks that you have and can be earnt through playing on the server.

How to Claim

To Claim land you just need to get a:

Golden Shovel

With this item in hand, you will see how many Claim blocks you have remaining, visit the earning Claim blocks section to work out how to get more. The message looks like this:

right-click to begin your Claim and it will look like this:

Now right-click on the other corner, so it will create a protected region for you.

The below shows the final area with the message you receive:

Note that the Golden Blocks generated in the ground can only be seen by the land’s owner.

You can also gain your first Claim by simply placing down a chest and it will automatically Claim an area around this chest:

Locating Claims

You may be required to locate claims for a common error message that you can’t make a Claim here as it overlaps with another Claim, In this case, use a normal stick and right-click the ground and it will display any Claims like:

This error message is when you are overlapping your own Claim but a similar message is displayed when you overlap someone else’s.

Using the stick will show you:

It will display how large the area is that has been Claimed, who Claimed it and when they last logged in.

In the case the Claim is not yours, you will see Redstone and Netherrack surrounding the Claim instead of the Gold and Glowstone

Other features

O – Players create and manage their own land claims without needing an admin.

O – A player’s first chest receives an automatic land claim to protect it.

O – Optional setup to exchange server currency for claim blocks through other plugins.

O – Option setup to receive claim blocks through voting, donations, and more with other plugins.

O – PvP protection to protect innocent players or punish combat logging.

O – Land claims are impossible to grief through any mean

O – Ability to restore land outside of land claims.

O – Disabled explosion damage above sea level.

How to earn Claim Blocks

Claim blocks can be earnt and bought in many different ways. The following explains how they can be gained:

Shop – You can purchase these via the Server Shop in the command’s inventory

Bought with commands – Run the commands /buyclaimblocks and /sellclaimblocks to gain more or fewer Claims.

Voting rewards – Every time you vote on Survival you gain Claim blocks

Crate Rewards – In the Survival Crates there is a chance you can earn Claim Blocks

Symbiplex Levels – Through the leveling system you can earn Claim blocks

Earnt per hour – 50 claim blocks per hour to a maximum of 5000

Important commands

/AbandonClaim – Deletes the claim you’re standing in.
/ClaimExplosions – Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.
/Trust – Gives another player permission to edit your claim.
/UnTrust – Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/AccessTrust – Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust – Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/TrustList – Lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.
/BasicClaims – Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
/PermissionTrust – Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
/Untrust All – Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
/AbandonAllClaims – Deletes all of your claims.
/BuyClaimBlocks – Converts server money to claim blocks.
/SellClaimBlocks – Converts claim blocks to server money.
/GivePet – Gives away a tamed animal.
/ClaimsList – Lists a player’s claims and claim block details.
/Trapped – Gets a player out of a land claim he’s trapped inside.
/UnlockDrops – Allows other players to pick up items you dropped when you died.



Casino Features

We want to first establish that this feature is not to be taken seriously and make sure to stay gambling aware, we do not want players to get addicted to this and if you feel you keep gambling your money away please reach out to staff and we can remove this feature from you. We take your well-being and health seriously.

That being said this feature has been added for the ability to gamble away your money in different minigames as you see fit. This page will explain how this feature works.

Purchasing Tokens + Main Menu

You have to start by purchasing tokens before you can start any of our games. You can do this at our Server Shop or physically at the Casino within Survival. Symbisky is still to be determined if there will be a physical Casino or not.

You can also access it via:

/casino menu.

Each way displays the following screen:

This is the main menu for the casino. Note to purchase tokens you have the following options:

O – First Sunflower – Purchase a 100 Symbit Token

O – First Sunflower – Purchase a 1000 Symbit Token

O – First Sunflower – Purchase a 10000 Symbit Token

Hovering over each of these gives you the following:

Left-click to buy the tokens and if you right-click on any Tokens you have received you can sell them here.

Tokens will be displayed separately such as:

The Minigames

There are 14 different mini-games. These can be played within the GUI or within the Casino in the Survival server. The Casino is designed for players to easily play the games together. To access the games you can either use the menu or use the NPCs around the Casino to start your minigames. The following games can be played. All games when won will deposit your winnings into your inventory and you can cash the tokens in later!

With all games, make sure to NOT exit the game when bids are placed otherwise you will lose your tokens as a default!

Note – Some games are multiplayer whereas others are single-player Each game will have the details displayed over it as follows:

Each game has its own criteria, some like the Roulette game have difficult levels, others have double or nothing, etc. Each will be explained on this page.

O- Roullete – Single-player

O- Darts – Single-player

O- Drums – Single-player

O- Races – Single-player

O- Pyramid – Single-player

O- Stairs – Single-player

O- Lottery – Single-player

O- Crash- Multiplayer

O- Classic- Multiplayer

O- Blackjack- Multiplayer

O- Rock Paper Scissors- Multiplayer but in duel mode (so 2 player)

O- Tic Tac Toe (naughts and crosses) – Multiplayer but in duel mode (so 2 player

O- Dead man’s Chest – Single-player

O- Poker – Multiplayer with up to 4 players


This is based on the game you see most commonly at the Casino the Roullete game! The game looks like this:

You can select your difficulty to the right, with green being easy, yellow being medium, and red being hard.

To begin put your bet in the slot where the barrier block is so it looks like the following:

Press the lever to begin your spin! Good luck I hope you win! You will hear different noises depending on your winning! look out for them.


This is a game you will all know and love, the game looks like this:

To begin put your bet in the slot where the barrier block is so it looks like the following:

Press the lever to begin, then when it highlights what you want press it again. It will cycle through different items that give different rewards. You have to try to hit the items that show up within the GUI, once hit you get another go. If you hit 5 in a row you get a X3 bonus to your score!

Avoid the Creeper head this will make you lose! Missing will also make you lose! Aim for the Dragon head for maximum reward.

Good luck I hope you win! You will hear different noises depending on your winning! look out for them.

In this game, you have to be very quick!


This game is similar to slots but in a different format, the idea is when you press the lever the items will rearrange giving you the following prizes that are displayed on the main menu:

Once you click on this it looks like the following:

To begin put your bet in the slot where the barrier block is so it looks like the following:

Press the lever to begin cycling! This game is all based on luck!


This is a game you will all know and love, betting on horse races, the game looks like this:

Add your bet to the barrier block location:

Select the horse you want, click the lever, and watch the race happen! When you win you get 3X your original bid! Happy racing


This is like your classic coin drop games where you select a location to drop your coins, if this ends up in the win hopper you get rewards!

To find which hopper it is, highlight the hoppers and it will tell you! This is usually x3

You get game over if you hit the wrong hopper or the TNT

if you hit the elusive Nether Star it will be an x20 score!


This game allows you to have a 1-in-4 chance to work your way up to the top! This game is pretty simple!

To gain money back you want to get at least to the fourth level! Opening the game will display.

Put your tokens in the barrier block section and press the lever! When ready click the lever and select the block, if you hit TNT you lose!

The higher you get the more rewards you get!


You are given a lottery ticket and you have 5 clicks to get the most boosts possible, it can be a dud or a success. After your 5 clicks your score gets multiplied to give your outcome. The game looks like this:

Add your bet to the barrier block and press the level like:

Now click away 5 times to gain your bonuses:

Good luck! I hope you win


Crash is a multiplayer game that allows multiple players to bet and compete against one another. This game will also work single player

You start the game by getting a line with odds, the ratio is constantly increasing and can fall whenever. You have to choose the right time when to withdraw your coins.

Opening the menu will look like this:

Players place their bets on the barriers. You then have to race to redeem your money before it crashes

good luck!


This game is a multiplayer game that puts you against other players! Do you want to try beating your friend by placing a higher bet than them? The higher the bet the bigger the reward.

Opening up the classic menu gives you the following:

After placing your bets it will look like this:

The game will now spin and the winner gets the rewards! In this game, FMS won! as he bet 2k tokens to Treeidk’s 600

Good luck beating your friends!


The classic Casino game, blackjack, or the first or closest to 21 wins. This game has a number of sections that you can configure, the opening menu looks like this:

The up arrow is how you draw the next card

The iron bars allow you to stay

The timer is information and counts down how long you have to decide what to do

The anvil allows you to raise and add more bets, but you have to draw a car after

The TnT allows you to quit the game and keep all your tokens.

Once bets are placed the game will start:

With the initial card draws:

In this game, both FMS and treeidk lost!

Rock Paper Scissors

A duel game where you compete with one another for rock paper scissors. Note, both players must use the same bet  To open the menu looks like this:

Once you place a bet it will display the heads:

From here the countdown ticks down and you select Rock, Paper, Scissors, Well, Fire or Tree. Depending on what the other player picks determines what result you get.

What beats what!

Rock beats Scissors

Rock beats Fire

Paper beats Rock

Paper beats Well

Scissors beats Paper

Scissors beats Tree

Well beats Rock

Well beats Scissors

Well beats Fire

Fire beats Scissors

Fire beats Paper

Fire beats Tree

Tree beats Paper

Tree beats Stone

Tree beats Well

Tic Tac Toe (naughts and crosses)

A very basic game where you challenge an individual player to a game! Both players will need the same bet to beginning! The opening menu looks like this:

Once bets are placed in the barrier block the game will start:

The aim of the game is to get 3 in a row! Remember X goes first!

Good luck!

Dead man’s Chest

This game is more of a more complicated one with 3 different difficulty levels. The below explains how the game works. to run this game you need a balance of at least 10,000 Symbits to start.

Once entered the game looks like this:

As usual please place the tokens in the barrier block and select the level as follows:

To run this game click one of the 3 chests and you will click each chest to win! Note this game is really hard and expensive but the rewards are really worth it!


This is a very popular game that you can play within Minecraft. This game is for up to 4 players. This game is based on your total balance rather than your current tokens this means you should be careful not to play away all of your money!

The opening menu looks like this:

Click the barrier block to enter the game, This with bets looks like this:

Now just play poker trying to win!

The up-stone arrow is to raise
The Button is to call
The Iron Door is to fold!

Good Luck!


Auction House

Auction House

The Auction House is our player-to-player trading system which allows players to put their items up on the Auction House for sale to other players, this feature is available on our Survival, RPG, and Symbisky servers, it is designed in a way that is simple to use and this wiki page will take you through how to use it.

To begin with, you only get 5 slots for placing items on the Auction House, this is to prevent early game spam and abuse of the system. As you advance and play through our server and gain Symbiplex Levels you will have more slots to use.

To start using the commands:



The main menu looks like the following:

Each of the buttons is the following:

O – The area of random items is usually what is being sold

O – The Chest is for all expired items. This is when the items you have sold have finished their default 30 day cycle period without anyone buying them.

O – The Ender Chest is for all of your bought items, this allows you to redeem it to our inventory

O – The first Arrow is to navigate to the previous page if there is one

O – The Nether Star is for information and allows you to filter the menu to be able to arrange the items in a different order. On other menus, this is also the back button

O – The second Arrow is to navigate to the next page if there is one

O – The Sunflower displays all of the items that you have on the Auction House currently

O – The Minecart Chest arranges the items into categories to help find items quicker.


How to sell an item

Hold the item you want to sell in your hand and run the command:

/ah sell <price> <amount>

eg. selling 64 Spruce Wood Planks for 100 would be:

/ah sell 100 64

This will give you a message to say the item has been added to the Auction House and when you do /ah you will see it there under your items.

How to buy an item

Run the command /ah and you will see an item for sale that looks like the following:

I want to buy this chest plate now so I would click on it. It will only allow me to buy it if I have enough money. It will take you to this screen:

The Green Stained Glass Panes will confirm your purchase

The Red Stained Glass Panes will cancel your purchase

In this case, we click the Green Stained Glass Pane which gives you a menu to state – You have purchased item X. It will exit you out of the Auction House menu, from here go back in via /ah and click the Ender Chest for the bought items which will display the following:

From here much like other inventories, click on the item to bring to your inventory and the Blue Stained Glass Pane will remove all items in this view to your inventory.

How to remove an item you are selling

The first way is to click the item in the Auction House and you will see the following screen:

The Green Stained Glass Pane will confirm the removal of the item from the Auction House

The Red Stained Glass Pane will go back to the Auction House homepage

Alternatively, you can click the Sunflower menu to display the following:

Clicking on the individual item will remove it back to your inventory and take it off sale.

You can remove all by clicking the Green Stained Glass Pane

Expired items

Much like the above menu, this works in the same way where all unsold items will go into this GUI and you can remove them individually by clicking on the item or you can remove all by clicking the Blue Stained Glass Pane.

Discord Integration

Coming Soon


Server Economy


Our server currency is called Symbits and we use the symbol ₿ to denote this currency. Symbits are a unique currency that derives from the popular Cypto currency; Bitcoin with our own unique twist with the name. This currency is shared across all of the servers that utilise the economy features.

This wiki page will talk through the basic commands as well as some of the more complicated features. Note anything player economy related is within its own wiki page. This will include information about custom player shops, the auction house and others.

Essentials Economy Commands

Useful Commands

O – /bal or  /balance – check your balance. Subcommands can be /bal top to display the top players within your server. This feature is usually shared across leaderboards stored around different servers.

O – /pay <player name> <amount> – pays the given player the given amount from your balance. This is important if players ask to be paid in /bal when you trade with them!

O -/sell hand – This sells the item in your selected hand based upon the costs that are shown within /shop (more on that later)

O -/sell <item> <amount> – This sells the item in your selected item based upon the costs and the number you selected that are shown within /shop

O -/sell all – This sells all the items that can be solved in your inventory based upon the costs that are shown within /shop


To access the server shop you can run the command /shop or find the NPCs that are at spawn for this feature. Each sub-server may have different variants and different prices depending on the needs of each server. For example, RPG will have custom items and Symbisky will have its prices altered to suit Skyblock play styles.

You will see the following GUI:

Each of the blocks there is a category of items. On this page, the following also help you in navigating to other parts of the server:

O –The Paper opens the /info menu, which we know is the most important menu of all on each server!

O –On the servers that this allows the Sunflower will take you to the Casino menu, which allows you to gamble all of your earnt money for special prices. This will only be available on some servers (eg. not RPG)

O –The left-most Arrow takes you to the Auction House

O –The right-most Arrow takes you to the Website – What you are reading now!!

O –The barrier block will close this GUI and allow you to go back to what you were doing


Starting from each inventory from left to right we have:

O – Commands + Keys

O – Most recent server update items (these will merge into other categories when the update has passed)

O – Blocks

O – Wood

O – Valuables

O – Adventure

O – Banners

O – Heads (permission required)

O – Redstone

O – Honey

O – Mob Drops

O – Decoration

O – Color Blocks

O – Transportation

O – Trims

O – Spawners (Symbisky only, hence why the shop picture is different for this server!)

How to buy/sell items

Each item within the sub-inventories will display a price such as the below:

The buying price will always be more expensive than the selling price with some items having a better return than others. This is for our players to find out what the best items are to farm to get the most money possible.

Left-clicking this will take you to the buy screen

The Buy screen

Once on the buy screen you are given a number of options to purchase the items. You have the left side glass, the right side glass, and the bottom side glass.

Not all items will be able to be increased as you can only buy one at a time, for an example would be a tool or a command where you can not buy more than one at a time.

The menu will look something like this:

The left side will allow you to do the following:

O – Red Stained Glass Pane – Set to One (reset how much you want to buy to one of the item)

O – Orange Stained Glass Pane – Remove 10 (reduce the quantity you will buy by 10)

O – Yellow Stained Glass Pane –  Remove 1 (reduce the quantity you will buy by 1)


The right side will allow you to do the following:

O – Yellow Stained Glass Pane – Add 1 Item (adds 10 items to the amount you will buy)

O – Lime Stained Glass Pane –  Add 10 Items (adds 10 items to the amount you will buy)

O – Green Stained Glass Pane –  Set to 64 (set the total limit you will buy to 64)


Once happy you will use the Red or Green Stained Grass Pane to:

O – Red – Go back (do not buy eg cancel)

O – Green to Buy the item


You will then receive the item or a message to say it was unsuccessful.

The Sell Screen

Much like the buy screen, this is set up in the same way as the above. Alternatively, you can use the command systems above to sell the items you choose if this is easier for you.

The Sell all command

Much like the name implies click with your middle mouse button to sell all the items in your inventory of that type.

Commands + Keys

This can vary from server to server dependent on the features that we offer and areas that we will see. For Survival we see the following:

This server allows you to purchase claim blocks, and the different tiers of keys, including the global cosmetic and pet keys. It will also allow you to access /heads which is also the heads inventory that you couldn’t access without the right permissions.

Lastly, this allows you to redeem your Mob Hunting coin drops that you get from killing mobs.

The Diamond takes you to /ranks

RPG’s additional features include broomstick upgrades.

Symbisky’s additional features include spawner keys.


Most recent update items

For this example, we will use 1.19 items as an example to show how the layout looks:

Note: these items will move after an update into their respective categories.


The below shows the inventory of the block, note this one has two pages to cycle through.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


The below shows the inventory of the wood blocks. This one is a good example to show that we don’t sell all the items possible within Minecraft such as we don’t buy or sell leaves.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


The below shows the inventory of the valuable items. Diamonds are how we based the majority of our currency and so this is a good whole number to base all the other items.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!

Adventure items & Misc

The below shows the inventory of the adventure & misc items.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


The below shows the inventory of the banner inventory.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


Heads is a unique inventory that needs to be earnt or bought to be able to access it. It can be obtained via Symbiplex Levels or via Donations (included within ranks), crate rewards, or within the command’s inventory of this shop

It comprises of 5 inventories (currently):

Main Inventory:

Decoration Heads:

Animal Heads:

Letter Heads:

Block Heads:

Player Heads:

Note: these heads are constantly changing and so may vary by the time you view them. We want to continuously update our heads to give you more and more to use within your game.

Redstone Items

The below shows redstone inventory.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


The below shows the honey inventory.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!

Mob Drops

The below shows the inventory of the mob drops + food. This inventory has more than one page.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


The below shows the decoration inventory. This inventory has more than one page.

Page 1 :

Page 2 :

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!

Color Blocks

The below shows the color block inventory.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


The below shows the transportation block inventory.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


The below shows the Trims block inventory.

Note: The items here will change depending on what Minecraft updates are doing!


Coming soon with the release of Symbisky



You have access to homes which are like warps but are personal to you.


Relevant Commands

O – /sethome <some name> – sets a home with the given name

O – /delhome <some name> – removed the home with the given name (can’t  be undone)

O – /home <some name> – teleports you to the given home