Proximity Chat

What is Proximity Chat?

Proximity chat is a Discord Server integration and is available on our Survival and our RPG servers, it allows you to join a lobby in Discord and the Symbot will automatically connect you to a separate call when you get near to someone in your proximity in the game! Eg. you can be relaxing at your base and suddenly another player comes in! This is a popular feature in the Minecraft community due to how the Hermitcraft server did this.

The Set up

To link your Discord account to your Minecraft account you can do this by carrying out the following steps.

Join our discord Server here

Run the command  in the Minecraft Server /discordlink

This will show you a link code:



Now all you need to do is open Discord and go to Server chat to find the Symbot or on the right-hand side under the bots under the user list like:



Once you have your code, Right-click the Symbot and message the code, that you received in Minecraft chat,  and you will see a confirmation message:



Note: you will see a number of successful messages as this happens for every server we have.

How to use

Simply join the call relating to the server you are on:

This will join you with every single other person that has their account linked who is in your local area!

It will look like this when you successfully get into the vicinity. The vicinity is around 80 blocks that will connect/ lose connection.