Survival Crates


Our Crates feature is across the whole server and combines a mixture of Crates for Survival, Voting as well as Cosmetics and Pets. This wiki page will take you through the basics of claiming and using these crates as well as share what you can gain from this. Global Crates and Keys will be separate from Survival Crates as there will be some differences between them all!

Crates on our servers will usually have their own unique warp to claim using:

/warp crates


or /warps and finding the warp within the warp navigation menu.

The majority of our crates will have their own Chest with holograms above them to describe what they look like. An example of this is Survival Crates:

As you can see that there are a number of different Crates on our server to access.

Crates + Keys basics

Right-clicking on the crate will give you a menu that shows all of the items within the Crate. An example of this is the Vote Crate:

The music disc 11 will be able to be clicked on in order to close the menu.

You can highlight the reward to know what it is and this will give you the chance of receiving this reward. For example, if we want the Wither Rose icon:

Once you have a key left clicking the Crate will open the create and process the animation.

Note: Survival does not just have Crates that require Keys but also Crates that can be opened directly in the inventory.

Global Crates

Please visit our Global Crates page – Here

Voting Crates

On Symbiplex Survival we have 2 types of Vote crates. Once you have voted you will be given a Vote Chance Crate. This Crate will give you a chance to get a Vote Key, as you can Vote up to 8 times you get 8 of these a day and its down to the world of RnG to give you as many Vote keys as possible.

This key is used in a different mode where you right-click to redeem the reward.

Once you receive a vote key you can visit the /crates and with the key in your hand, you can left-click the chest and start the reward!

The reward animation will start:

Shown by multiple colours when the reward is given it will go all dark and give you the item or the reward from the middle! In this case, I got an Enchanted Golden Apple

These keys are obtained via Voting, Vote Key chance crates, and when you Vote on all sites each day.

The rewards for these will be listed at the bottom of this wiki page.

Crate tiers

Although Voting Crates is the first step of the process of growing up into different crates the following Crate tiers apply:

Level 1 – Vote Crate

level 2 – Common Crate

level 3 – Uncommon Crate

level 4 – Rare Crate

level 5 – Legendary Crate

Each Crate has its own unique colour and key of the same colour that can be used. Much like the vote crate above, left-click with the key in your hand to open the Crate. As the Tiers increase the better the rewards that can be obtained via them, each Crate has a chance to get a Key of Crates at a higher Level than this Crate. Eg. The Rare Crate has a chance to get a Legendary Crate key.

Like the Voting Crates, you can right-click to display the current rewards that can be obtained.

Keys can also be bought via our in-server shop. They can also be earnt through Symbiplex Levels and other rewards.

Note: The Survival keys will have monthly changing items to keep them exciting and encourage our players to get all of the collectables.

Note: Each tier has a collectable item for you to achieve! Try and find them all!

Lootcase & DailyLootbox

Lootcases are a special reward you receive when Voting on all of the Vote sites like the Vote Chance you right-click to open these in your inventory. This Crate gives you 1 or more keys to each of the tiers to get you going!

DailyLootbox will be added in an up and coming update.

The Rewards

We have displayed our rewards this way, as we constantly change our rewards to best suit the server.

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