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Owner - technical

FMS started managing a Minecraft servers years before the idea of Symbiplex was created. He used to stream and manage a streaming discord and wanted to bring and create something unique for everyone. Symbiplex is his passion, his desire to give people a place to feel safe and welcome when he was growing up FMS would have loved to be a part of something like Symbiplex. FMS can be seen mostly doing back-end configurations, and writing this website but will also dip in to just play basic Minecraft.


Owner - Front of House

Pantanis downloaded and installed Minecraft on his laptop long ago, expecting nothing, but found more than he could have ever dreamed. The mix of community, creativity and danger as well as the struggle to get the things he needs to advance, fills his need to unwind and escape. After High School Pantanis found work near his home in the mechanical construction industry. His work is physically and mentally difficult and challenging. He has learned that there is no substitute for real life training and you can only learn by doing. There’s no one specific way to complete a task, everyone does things a little differently. Pantanis enjoys the challenge of completing tasks and learning together. Pantanis welcomes any communication; feel free to message him anytime. Be careful out there, a creeper’s gonna creep!


Symbiplex creates that network for you to succeed. Play Minecraft and our other servers with joy, making friends and feeling a part of something along the way.

Our Partners


Partner - Head of player interaction

Why has an interest in anything mechanical and some electrics, anything hardware related, the inner workings of big machines like lathes, production lines, and trams are particularly interesting for him if it's mechanical and it's broken, give him the tools needed, a bunch of time and somewhere to work and why will fix it for you in four times the time and with four times the swear words it'll take a professional with a manual. Why is a big DnD nerd and our resident dice goblin, a scout and really into 3d printing. Why was a part of the staff when Symbiplex still was called The Armoury and had been playing a bit longer, his staff journey basically started when Why was bored out of his mind and FMS let Why build a nether spawn since we had no builders at that moment, that spawn still isn't finished! From that time Why rose from junior builder to head builder, but we soon noticed that he was way fitter for player interaction. So he became a moderator, once again got promoted, and now he's in his current position.


Partner - Streamer Lead

Skilled in the interaction of people, staff, and members. A key person in dispute resolution and knowledgeable in the Twitch space. Falcon has less of a direct role but is there as a consultant/ advice giver when required. Falcon is our current graphic designer and created the first variant of our logo.


Partner - Head Builder

CC is a, 17 year old British guy who has a passion for all things that involve building, wether it’s building a house irl or a house in Minecraft. CC joined this server to meet new people and have fun doing what he loves, CC is look forward to seeing how far this server will go and he look forward to meeting you all!


Partner - Staff Manager / Media lead

Symbiplex is a server of connection and community. Ixactly wants to be able to provide the best experience possible for all that are a part of this network so that you feel safe and welcomed into it.

Minecraft at Symbiplex is your future success!

Join in the website by signing up to have access to forums, information in the form of Wikipedia pages, apply for staff or report anything you need to report. Have fun exploring!

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