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Our Creative Server

Creative is our Server offering for our artists, our builders and those who like to test out redstone. It is a simple concept avaliable to everyone that gives you a plot of land to build what you what, from a house to a shulker box loader. You will unlock more features as time goes on with the ability to world edit on your plot once you reach the right Symbiplex level (visit wiki for guide) as well as more plots and plot features.


Symbiplex creates that network for you to succeed. Play Minecraft and our other servers with joy, making friends and feeling a part of something along the way.

Building Competitions

We regularly plan building competitions with the winner gaining the ability to have their build moved over to the Hub server and stored in the showcase area. Check out our Events page for more information as to when the next event is!

Minecraft at Symbiplex is your future success!

Join in the website by signing up to have access to forums, information in the form of Wikipedia pages, apply for staff or report anything you need to report. Have fun exploring!

Our Features

You can read more about our features within our Wiki pages but here are some of our key features:

Plot functions with levelable unlocks

Plot Music

World Edit

Access to Creative everywhere

Building competitions

Player voting (players can vote on your plots)

Freedom to be what ever you want to be

Kind friendly staff with the ability to rollback any griefing

Our Servers will make YOU smile!

Check out the different servers and gamemodes that we offer to temp you to become apart of Symbiplex. You won’t regret it!

Creative limits

We ask that all members on our Creative server treat it with respect, the server it’s self is a lower spec and so those using World Edit please be mindful of others around you. The same goes for the redstone users please ensure you don’t leave your machines running. That being said we have made sure to optimise the server as much as possible to prevent lagging and excessive redstone structures.


As a Creative Server can often be difficult to test all features please report any bugs to our bug report form or report via the ticketing system on our discord.

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