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Our Proxy & Hub Server

The hub is the first area you see when you join our server and we have taken that into consideration when creating this. You spawn facing NPCs that will take you to our other server offerings as well as key important information. The hub is the place you can be greeted and welcome to start your Symbiplex Experience.

We have a number of unique features at the Hub with challenges for you to complete. 



Our Proxy server handles all of the connections to our servers and flows down a number of features that are shared across the server. 


Symbiplex creates that network for you to succeed. Play Minecraft and our other servers with joy, making friends and feeling a part of something along the way.

Our Features

You can read more about our features within our Wiki pages but here are some of our key features:


Hub Features:



Dragon Parkour

Logo Parkour

Areas to explore

competitions and events


Kind friendly staff with the ability to rollback any griefing


Proxy Features:


Symbiplex Levels


Shared chat system across all servers


Kind friendly staff 

Minecraft at Symbiplex is your future success!

Join in the website by signing up to have access to forums, information in the form of Wikipedia pages, apply for staff or report anything you need to report. Have fun exploring!

Hub Features - Parkour

We have currently two parkour features set up each with its own unique challenges:


Dragon Parkour:
This is the ultimate parkour, start off by exploring the depths of spawns and the extensive cave systems below the main hub area. Work your way through avoiding the traps. Then take a unique rail ride up to the tip of the dragon’s tail. Work your way through a maze, find the button, and do a bunch of hard and difficult jumps to get to the top. Once at the top, you will receive a unique tag to show off to the entire server! Make sure you get the best time on the server as all will be displayed at/leaderboards


Logo Parkour:
Climb your way up to splat the chicken and explore the hidden areas of our spawn. More will be introduced to this area as time will go on.

Our Servers will make YOU smile!

Check out the different servers and gamemodes that we offer to temp you to become apart of Symbiplex. You won’t regret it!

Hub Features - Other

Within the Hub we have a unique “Showcase” area for players who have partaken and won in the builder competitions on our Creative Server. Our best builders will be there for everyone to see!


Hidden areas, as time goes on at Symbiplex we will be adding more features and hidden areas for you to explore while you wait for your favourite server to boot up, or you want to show to your friends you are the best explorer on the server!

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