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Our Survival Server

Our survival server is our most popular game mode and where we started our server with the community in mind. Our server has custom-developed and coded features for the ultimate player Survival experience. We offer both player economy and server-generated economy each for your own needs. Our plan is to always give you something to do, whether you want to build a super megabase or a farming district, or complete every single quest in the server to become the richest player on the server. Your choice is yours and up to you how you want to play Minecraft. We want Survival to be interactive with every player being able to have a positive reaction and experience while they play on our Server.

You start in the capital city of Symbiplex and have to work your way through the player shops, into the wilderness to start your Survival adventure here at Symbiplex. Don’t fear Survival is friendly and you won’t get murdered by passers-by or have your stuff stolen out of your base due to our protection features to keep you safe!


Symbiplex creates that network for you to succeed. Play Minecraft and our other servers with joy, making friends and feeling a part of something along the way.

Our Features

You can read more about our features within our Wiki pages but here are some of our key features:

Player Plots (custom areas for players to rent)
Auto Sell chests
Player economy
Server Shops
Over 1000 Quests
A Casino to Gamble your money
An Auction House
Resource world
Proximity Chat
Linkage to Discord
Voting Rewards
Server optimisation for a smooth playing experience
Kind friendly staff with the ability to rollback any griefing

Minecraft at Symbiplex is your future success!

Join in the website by signing up to have access to forums, information in the form of Wikipedia pages, apply for staff or report anything you need to report. Have fun exploring!

Our unique shops

One area you will not find on any other server is our unique approach to player shops, Rent yourself an area and sell what ever you want to other players. Money will automatically be taken out of your account and each area has a different size and formula-based price, this allows you to build a shop within the area you rent. Alternatively if do not want or can not afford a larger plot you can take one in the shopping mall which will be the thriving hive of our player economy experience.


We also have unique auto-sell chests which allow you to connect a hopper to any of your crazy laggy but productive farms to automatically sell all the items you receive. That way you can have continuous income throughout your Symbiplex journey.


You can use other features which other survival servers of this type have such as auction house and normal general player trading should you feel the need to do this.

We want the shopping experience on Symbiplex to be something you have never experienced before.

Our Servers will make YOU smile!

Check out the different servers and gamemodes that we offer to temp you to become apart of Symbiplex. You won’t regret it!

Our community

Our players stick around with us and the core of our player base is those who have been around a long time. This is because we focus on Minecraft with a community aspect, we want you to become a part and feel like you are welcome in whatever you do. 

We make sure to do events and add features that will continuously ensure that even with multiple players online you feel the community feel with the interaction of others. Likewise, when the server is quiet we will make you feel like you are a part of something.

Our view is the key to a strong community is a staff team that gets involved and promotes interaction while preventing any negative behaviours. It is hard to achieve and we are all not perfect but we will make sure we keep the community at heart with everything that we do.

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