Once your wand is crafted from the recipe the user can also get themselves an enchantment table. This allows when right-clicking with the wand to access spell information, rank information, and other cosmetics. 

There are 4 ranks of spells. Each of the 4 ranks of spells can be unlocked. The first rank is Beginner spells which are given to the user by default. In order to rank up through the spell levels, the user must purchase all of the spells in each category with Spell Points (SP) in order to progress. Some ranks will have spells that are not required in that rank to rank up to the next rank of spells. All the spells in the bottom category of spells (as shown within the Enchantment Table GUI) are not required to level up, whereas all the spells in the top category allow the user to rank up. In this case, the strategy is to focus on the spells at the top to unlock the next tier of spells first. On this Wiki, we haven’t written out which spells are required for upgrading as the user will see these in the Enchantment table view.

Spells will level up when a certain number of casts have been done. In order to see this, the user will have to check in the Enchantment Table, while holding their wand, click the second from the left tab that says “check spell progress” and find the spell they want to level up and it should tell you how many casts are required to level this up. This will also tell the user what you get when you level up. Spell levels are dictated below but usually end up providing more speed, more damage, lower cooldown, etc. 

When you get an inventory full of spells it can look rather cluttered but organise new spells into your Hotbar, left-click the wand while in the Hotbar(by pressing Q when holding the wand), and it will cycle to your next spell. To cycle through hotbars you can do the same but right-click.

You can check out all the spells below to know which ones to focus on as well as what each level gives you.

In order to get the most out of spells make sure to have your particles on, this is because the spells rely heavily on particle effects for the spells. If you don’t have these on you can still use spells but they will not look cool!

Other Spell categories: