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There are 8 different Vote sites, this page allows you to vote on them! Voting can give you many additional rewards check out our Vote wiki page for more information.


Voting sites are designed so that the best and most popular servers show towards the top, this means the more votes a server gets the more popular they are. Being higher up on these lists means the chance for a potential future player to find our server will increase as they will ultimately find our servers before another. Voting gets us up these lists and is a free way for us to bring in players through the support of the community.

Symbiplex is designed with you in mind, in order to do this the community has to work together to grow. Please take the time to vote and support us, it won’t take you long to do and if all our players do this we will grow very fast allowing us to grow and develop our server and make the playing experience at Symbiplex even greater.


As these are embedded from other websites, scroll down as you would on the area and enter your username! The last 4 are links to the websites for you to vote on!


Site 1 – Minecraft MP

Site 2 – Server Pact


Symbiplex creates that network for you to succeed. Play Minecraft and our other servers with joy, making friends and feeling a part of something along the way.

Site 3 – Mine Status

Site 4 – Top GG

Minecraft at Symbiplex is your future success!

Join in the website by signing up to have access to forums, information in the form of Wikipedia pages, apply for staff or report anything you need to report. Have fun exploring!

Our Servers will make YOU smile!

Check out the different servers and gamemodes that we offer to temp you to become apart of Symbiplex. You won’t regret it!

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