What are Quests?

At Symbiplex we have over 1000 quests for you to complete across multiple different categories, always making sure you have something to do and complete. Quests are available on our Survival and RPG servers. Quests when complete can allow you to get Symbits to spend in our shops as well as Symbiplex Levels to rank up and unlock more rewards.

Symbiplex levels allow you to have more Quests running at the same time allowing you to unlock the rewards faster! You also have to claim your rewards to be able to start questing, so make sure to claim your Symbiplex Level rewards!

This wiki page will walk you through how Questing works.

In our Survival Server, the Warp menu will display warps to the different quest NPCs that are scattered around spawn should you not want to use the GUI!

How to use Quests?

It is easier than you think! Simply run /quests and you will see the following categories:

O – Wheat – Farming Quests

O – Golden Pickaxe – Mining Quests

O – Hopper – Collecting Quests

O – Golden Sword – Hunter Quests

O – Enchantment Table – Enchanting Quests

O – Brewing Stand – Brewing Quests

O – Golden Axe – Wood Cutting

O – Quartz- Building Quests

O – Crafting table – Crafting Quests

O – Golden Shovel – Digging Quests

O – Lead – Activity Quests

O – Saddle – Misc Quests

O – Fishing rod – Fishing Quests

O – Eye of Ender – Impossible Quests – Good luck (these are really grindy!)

O – Anvil – Weaponsmith Quests

O – Bottle O Enchanting – EXP Quests

From here you can select a chosen category, just by clicking and then picking a quest to start!

Other Commands

O – /quests [or /q] – opens quest GUI

O – /quests help – view help screen for quests commands

O – /quests started – view a menu of started quests

O – /quests random [category] – start a random quest [in a random category]

O – /quests cancel <questid/*> – cancel quest by id

O – /quests q/quest <questid> <start|track|cancel> – start the quest directly by ID.

O – /quests c/category <categoryid> – open the category directly by ID.

Unlocked Quests

This will show an example of a category where all Quests are unlocked and ready for the player to complete. Each Quest category displays the Quests or pages of Quests which look like this:

In this example, the questing menu shows you all of the items you can craft

Progress quests

These are quests where you will have to unlock the quest before it before you can complete the next one. Each Quest category displays the Quests or pages of Quests which look like this:

The above screenshot shows the initial level of the quest, with the below displaying how this looks when the quest is locked!


Of course, we want our players at Symbiplex to be competitive we, therefore, have leaderboards showcasing who is the best quester! This is displayed at the main Survival Spawn (Survival only). It will populate all our top players like this!