AutoSell Chests

How auto-sell chests work

Have you ever wanted to automatically sell items when you have a super fast farm but you do not have enough chests to store all of your items? This feature, not only reduces potential lag from such farms but also allows an automatic way for you to receive money for your hard work.



There are as simple as placing the chest down and all sellable items into them. The items will immediately after a couple of seconds sell directly to the server and you will be rewarded the difference. These are hopper compatible which means you can connect to long-running farms or use these as an overflow chest.


How to get auto-sell chests


Autosell chests are granted at certain Symbiplex Levels that can be seen here. At these levels, you unlock permission that will grant you access to another chest. The initial cost of a chest is 25000 Symbits and each chest you buy is 50% more expensive than the previous one.


To get your chest visit the command’s inventory within our Server shop plugin to purchase. Your first chest costs you 25,000 Symbits and every additional chest you purchase will be 50% more expensive.


Adding players to your chest

Each chest is given a UUID, much like a player when they join the server to give access to a player. First get your UUID by picking up your Autosell chest and writing this down, it will look something like this:



Now from here, you type the following command with the UUID of your chest



You will get a confirmation message to say your friend has been added! They can now access the Autosell chest