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Voting on our Server is key to getting us to be seen by more players and increasing our community. It is a fantastic way for you to give back to us and will only take a couple of minutes to vote on all 8 sites. At Symbiplex, we want to reward you for Voting as this really helps us so much we want to give something in return. This page will walk through how voting at Symbiplex works as well as some of the rewards you can be given for doing this.

We have a special page that embeds a lot of our vote sites and can be visited – here.

How to Vote?

Voting is really easy on our server, in any server do /vote to open the vote GUI, and from here you can vote on sites individually altogether:

Either way, you will get a link to the website or you can follow the links on this page or lower down. This will take you to the voting websites where you enter your username (some websites may require a sign-in from social media such as a Discord account) and complete the captcha and press enter.

Check you have received a message in chat to confirm that you have voted.

After all 8 votes, you get a bonus and it will tell you when you have voted on all 8 sites.

Voting on Survival will unlock voting rewards.

Our Vote Sites

O- Site 1

O- Site 2

O- Site 3

O- Site 4

O- Site 5

O- Site 6

O- Site 7

O- Site 8

Voting Rewards

Voting gives you multiple rewards the screenshot above shows you gain Symbiplex Experience which is shared across all Servers. All servers have this reward to them, with a bonus for voting on all 8 sites.

Survival will grant you extra Claim blocks, Balance, and Voting Keys

RPG will give you extra Balance

Symbisky will give you extra Balance

How does Voting help us grow?

Voting sites are designed so that the best and most popular servers show towards the top, this means the more votes a server gets the more popular they are. Being higher up on these lists means the chance for a potential future player to find our server will increase as they will ultimately find our servers before another. Voting gets us up these lists and is a free way for us to bring in players through the support of the community.

Symbiplex is designed with you in mind, in order to do this the community has to work together to grow. Please take the time to vote and support us, it won’t take you long to do and if all our players do this we will grow very fast allowing us to grow and develop our server and make the playing experience at Symbiplex even greater.


Global Crates


Our Crates feature is across the whole server and combines a mixture of Crates for Survival, Voting as well as Cosmetics and Pets. This wiki page will take you through the basics of claiming and using these crates as well as share what you can gain from this. Global Crates and Keys will be separate from Survival Crates as there will be some differences between them all!

Crates on our servers will usually have their own unique warp to claim using:

/warp crates


or /warps and finding the warp within the warp navigation menu.

The majority of our crates will have their own Chest with holograms above them to describe what they look like. An example of this is Survival Crates:

As you can see that there are a number of different Crates on our server to access.

Crates + Keys basics

Right-clicking on the crate will give you a menu that shows all of the items within the Crate. An example of this is the Vote Crate:

The music disc 11 will be able to be clicked on in order to close the menu.

You can highlight the reward to know what it is and this will give you the chance of receiving this reward. For example, if we want the Wither Rose icon:

Once you have a key left clicking the Crate will open the create and process the animation.

Note: Survival does not just have Crates that require Keys but also Crates that can be opened directly in the inventory.


Survival Crates

Please visit our Survival Crates page – Here