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Global Crates


Our Crates feature is across the whole server and combines a mixture of Crates for Survival, Voting as well as Cosmetics and Pets. This wiki page will take you through the basics of claiming and using these crates as well as share what you can gain from this. Global Crates and Keys will be separate from Survival Crates as there will be some differences between them all!

Crates on our servers will usually have their own unique warp to claim using:

/warp crates


or /warps and finding the warp within the warp navigation menu.

The majority of our crates will have their own Chest with holograms above them to describe what they look like. An example of this is Survival Crates:

As you can see that there are a number of different Crates on our server to access.

Crates + Keys basics

Right-clicking on the crate will give you a menu that shows all of the items within the Crate. An example of this is the Vote Crate:

The music disc 11 will be able to be clicked on in order to close the menu.

You can highlight the reward to know what it is and this will give you the chance of receiving this reward. For example, if we want the Wither Rose icon:

Once you have a key left clicking the Crate will open the create and process the animation.

Note: Survival does not just have Crates that require Keys but also Crates that can be opened directly in the inventory.


Survival Crates

Please visit our Survival Crates page – Here



Donating to our server

We want to enhance your playing experience but of course, we need to be able to run our server and so we welcome any support you can provide to us by visiting our Store and purchasing one of our offerings:

O- Cosmetics in the form of particles, RPG wand cosmetics, and Pets

O- Ranks

O- Keys

This wiki page will explain each of these categories and the offerings we provide.

Our store page will explain what you are getting with your purchase and will also list our terms and conditions to ensure that you understand what you are buying and getting yourself into.

We are constantly updating our shop to bring you more options and new things to buy so keep checking it out!


On our server, you can purchase something to show off to your friends you are the best! Have a cool fox pet, a cool tag, and a cool username!

RPG sells unique wands; looks to be the best Wizard in the land!


We have 6 ranks currently that can be purchased and the below spreadsheet will detail the rewards these ranks give out and their prices. The spreadsheet is embedded so that it will update when we update our store. Make sure to visit the store for the most recent details.

There are 3 ways you can purchase, a rolling monthly cost, 6 months, or for a year. The longer period you buy the cheaper it is to get the rank per month.

[iframe src=””]


We offer 3 types of keys at the moment which can be purchased in our store:

O – Cosmetic Key

O – Pet Key

O – Spawner Key (Symbisky only)

The spreadsheet will detail the 3 keys, the chance of receiving the item listed, and what the reward is:

[iframe src=””]

Note: Make sure to change TABS to see the different types of keys.

Pay to Win claims

We take any claims of being Pay to Win seriously and want to work with our community to ensure that we are not a pay-to-win server, no doubt people’s opinions change and we want to hear about all of these, please join our discord and raise a support ticket and we will take your suggestions seriously.