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Proximity Chat

What is Proximity Chat?

Proximity chat is a Discord Server integration and is available on our Survival and our RPG servers, it allows you to join a lobby in Discord and the Symbot will automatically connect you to a separate call when you get near to someone in your proximity in the game! Eg. you can be relaxing at your base and suddenly another player comes in! This is a popular feature in the Minecraft community due to how the Hermitcraft server did this.

The Set up

To link your Discord account to your Minecraft account you can do this by carrying out the following steps.

Join our discord Server here

Run the command  in the Minecraft Server /discordlink

This will show you a link code:



Now all you need to do is open Discord and go to Server chat to find the Symbot or on the right-hand side under the bots under the user list like:



Once you have your code, Right-click the Symbot and message the code, that you received in Minecraft chat,  and you will see a confirmation message:



Note: you will see a number of successful messages as this happens for every server we have.

How to use

Simply join the call relating to the server you are on:

This will join you with every single other person that has their account linked who is in your local area!

It will look like this when you successfully get into the vicinity. The vicinity is around 80 blocks that will connect/ lose connection.


Timed Rewards

What are timed rewards?

At Symbiplex we want to reward you for playing on our server regardless of your choice. Maybe you want to just Survive and interact in Survival, or you fancy a much larger adventure and fighting the mages in RPG, or you are an artist and want to make pixel art in Creative! We want to reward you for this. Every hour you play on each server will grant you a reward, this is so simple. Every hour you get rewards.

The Rewards

You get Symbiplex Levels and Symbits for your troubles as you play!

The more you play the more rewards you get via our Leveling system. As you rank up you get more rewards every hour!

Check out our Symbiplex Leveling wiki page for information on where the rewards will unlock!



What are Quests?

At Symbiplex we have over 1000 quests for you to complete across multiple different categories, always making sure you have something to do and complete. Quests are available on our Survival and RPG servers. Quests when complete can allow you to get Symbits to spend in our shops as well as Symbiplex Levels to rank up and unlock more rewards.

Symbiplex levels allow you to have more Quests running at the same time allowing you to unlock the rewards faster! You also have to claim your rewards to be able to start questing, so make sure to claim your Symbiplex Level rewards!

This wiki page will walk you through how Questing works.

In our Survival Server, the Warp menu will display warps to the different quest NPCs that are scattered around spawn should you not want to use the GUI!

How to use Quests?

It is easier than you think! Simply run /quests and you will see the following categories:

O – Wheat – Farming Quests

O – Golden Pickaxe – Mining Quests

O – Hopper – Collecting Quests

O – Golden Sword – Hunter Quests

O – Enchantment Table – Enchanting Quests

O – Brewing Stand – Brewing Quests

O – Golden Axe – Wood Cutting

O – Quartz- Building Quests

O – Crafting table – Crafting Quests

O – Golden Shovel – Digging Quests

O – Lead – Activity Quests

O – Saddle – Misc Quests

O – Fishing rod – Fishing Quests

O – Eye of Ender – Impossible Quests – Good luck (these are really grindy!)

O – Anvil – Weaponsmith Quests

O – Bottle O Enchanting – EXP Quests

From here you can select a chosen category, just by clicking and then picking a quest to start!

Other Commands

O – /quests [or /q] – opens quest GUI

O – /quests help – view help screen for quests commands

O – /quests started – view a menu of started quests

O – /quests random [category] – start a random quest [in a random category]

O – /quests cancel <questid/*> – cancel quest by id

O – /quests q/quest <questid> <start|track|cancel> – start the quest directly by ID.

O – /quests c/category <categoryid> – open the category directly by ID.

Unlocked Quests

This will show an example of a category where all Quests are unlocked and ready for the player to complete. Each Quest category displays the Quests or pages of Quests which look like this:

In this example, the questing menu shows you all of the items you can craft

Progress quests

These are quests where you will have to unlock the quest before it before you can complete the next one. Each Quest category displays the Quests or pages of Quests which look like this:

The above screenshot shows the initial level of the quest, with the below displaying how this looks when the quest is locked!


Of course, we want our players at Symbiplex to be competitive we, therefore, have leaderboards showcasing who is the best quester! This is displayed at the main Survival Spawn (Survival only). It will populate all our top players like this!


Auction House

Auction House

The Auction House is our player-to-player trading system which allows players to put their items up on the Auction House for sale to other players, this feature is available on our Survival, RPG, and Symbisky servers, it is designed in a way that is simple to use and this wiki page will take you through how to use it.

To begin with, you only get 5 slots for placing items on the Auction House, this is to prevent early game spam and abuse of the system. As you advance and play through our server and gain Symbiplex Levels you will have more slots to use.

To start using the commands:



The main menu looks like the following:

Each of the buttons is the following:

O – The area of random items is usually what is being sold

O – The Chest is for all expired items. This is when the items you have sold have finished their default 30 day cycle period without anyone buying them.

O – The Ender Chest is for all of your bought items, this allows you to redeem it to our inventory

O – The first Arrow is to navigate to the previous page if there is one

O – The Nether Star is for information and allows you to filter the menu to be able to arrange the items in a different order. On other menus, this is also the back button

O – The second Arrow is to navigate to the next page if there is one

O – The Sunflower displays all of the items that you have on the Auction House currently

O – The Minecart Chest arranges the items into categories to help find items quicker.


How to sell an item

Hold the item you want to sell in your hand and run the command:

/ah sell <price> <amount>

eg. selling 64 Spruce Wood Planks for 100 would be:

/ah sell 100 64

This will give you a message to say the item has been added to the Auction House and when you do /ah you will see it there under your items.

How to buy an item

Run the command /ah and you will see an item for sale that looks like the following:

I want to buy this chest plate now so I would click on it. It will only allow me to buy it if I have enough money. It will take you to this screen:

The Green Stained Glass Panes will confirm your purchase

The Red Stained Glass Panes will cancel your purchase

In this case, we click the Green Stained Glass Pane which gives you a menu to state – You have purchased item X. It will exit you out of the Auction House menu, from here go back in via /ah and click the Ender Chest for the bought items which will display the following:

From here much like other inventories, click on the item to bring to your inventory and the Blue Stained Glass Pane will remove all items in this view to your inventory.

How to remove an item you are selling

The first way is to click the item in the Auction House and you will see the following screen:

The Green Stained Glass Pane will confirm the removal of the item from the Auction House

The Red Stained Glass Pane will go back to the Auction House homepage

Alternatively, you can click the Sunflower menu to display the following:

Clicking on the individual item will remove it back to your inventory and take it off sale.

You can remove all by clicking the Green Stained Glass Pane

Expired items

Much like the above menu, this works in the same way where all unsold items will go into this GUI and you can remove them individually by clicking on the item or you can remove all by clicking the Blue Stained Glass Pane.

Discord Integration

Coming Soon


Installing Optifine

How to Install OptiFine (taken from online)

Optifine allows you to run Minecraft smoother as well as have easier and more reliable access to our resource and texture packs, Optifine somehow allows our resource/texture packs to work more effectively on our servers, we recommend all users run Optifine for the performance benefits and this in mind.

With our server you can use any client that supports Optifine, I would recommend using the latest Optifine version. NOTE: you need to make sure you run the same version of the release as Optifine for it to run, eg 1.19.2 Optifine requires 1.19.2 default client downloaded to work.

The following covers in detail the installation process of OptiFine:

Version Check

Before downloading OptiFine, launch the game and select Latest Release on the left of the Play button to check which version of Minecraft is installed on your computer.

Minecraft Home Screen


Download the Installer

Step 1: Go to You will see a list of all the available versions, with the latest version at the top.

Official Website to Download OptiFine


Step 2: If the version you want isn’t there, click on Show all versions at the bottom of the page. When you find your version, click on the Download button to install OptiFine.

Step 3: You will be guided to an advertisement page. Wait for 5-10 seconds. A Skip button will show up on the top right corner; click on it to proceed.

OptiFine Website Screenshot


Step 4: On the next page, click on Download to get the installer on your computer.
OptiFine Download Page


Launch Installer

Step 1: Double-click the OptiFine setup file.

Installer Desktop View

Step 2: Click on Open with>Java (™) Platform SE Binary.

Step 3: You will see a popup that displays the path to the Minecraft folder; this is where the installer will be placed. So, make sure you install Minecraft before you get OptiFine. Click on Install.

OptiFine Windows Installer

Step 4: When prompted, select OK to confirm that it is installed successfully.

OptiFine installation success message


Launch OptiFine in Minecraft

Step 1: Open the Minecraft Launcher on the desktop.

Minecraft Launcher


Step 2: To the left of the PLAY button at the bottom, you should see the latest version. If not, click on the drop-down arrow. Click on the latest version to run the install.

OptiFine Version Screen


Step 3: If your downloaded version doesn’t appear in this list, click on Installations at the top. You will see your installer in the list. Select Play to launch OptiFine.

Check OptiFine Installation


Step 4: Or click on New Installation. You will see a text input box Name with the header ‘Create new installation.

Create New Installation Screen


Step 5: Give this install a name. For Version, click the drop-down menu to select your downloaded installer. Click on the Create button at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 6: Launch Minecraft.

Step 7: Once the game is loaded, go to Video Settings to check if shaders and animations are displayed. If these are available, the installation was successful.

Minecraft video settings



Donating to our server

We want to enhance your playing experience but of course, we need to be able to run our server and so we welcome any support you can provide to us by visiting our Store and purchasing one of our offerings:

O- Cosmetics in the form of particles, RPG wand cosmetics, and Pets

O- Ranks

O- Keys

This wiki page will explain each of these categories and the offerings we provide.

Our store page will explain what you are getting with your purchase and will also list our terms and conditions to ensure that you understand what you are buying and getting yourself into.

We are constantly updating our shop to bring you more options and new things to buy so keep checking it out!


On our server, you can purchase something to show off to your friends you are the best! Have a cool fox pet, a cool tag, and a cool username!

RPG sells unique wands; looks to be the best Wizard in the land!


We have 6 ranks currently that can be purchased and the below spreadsheet will detail the rewards these ranks give out and their prices. The spreadsheet is embedded so that it will update when we update our store. Make sure to visit the store for the most recent details.

There are 3 ways you can purchase, a rolling monthly cost, 6 months, or for a year. The longer period you buy the cheaper it is to get the rank per month.

[iframe src=”;headers=false”]


We offer 3 types of keys at the moment which can be purchased in our store:

O – Cosmetic Key

O – Pet Key

O – Spawner Key (Symbisky only)

The spreadsheet will detail the 3 keys, the chance of receiving the item listed, and what the reward is:

[iframe src=”;single=true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false”]

Note: Make sure to change TABS to see the different types of keys.

Pay to Win claims

We take any claims of being Pay to Win seriously and want to work with our community to ensure that we are not a pay-to-win server, no doubt people’s opinions change and we want to hear about all of these, please join our discord and raise a support ticket and we will take your suggestions seriously.



This section will cover all the Wiki sites for the RPG server.


Wands & Spell Casting

Wands can come in the form of a Wand, a Spell Book, a Magic Sword, and a Magic Bow, each has its own levels and unique abilities. The wand, spellbook, and Magic sword utilize the same spells which are listed in this wiki below. Each rank will bring different spells and different levels to use. The Magic sword utilizes combat spells only and so won’t include utility spells that the Spell Book and Wand utilize. 

We haven’t listed the spells which the Magic Sword gives/utilizes as the spells come under the same categories as Spells. Eg, Beginner, Student, Apprentice, and Wizard. For Magic Sword references please refer to the spells category lower down. If we commented on each spell we would not only be duplicating but also making the Wiki page very long!

As someone starts magic they can pick each of the 4 routes into this plugin each with its own benefits and disadvantages. Or someone could take one of the items and work with that until the end. It’s completely up to the user and adds the flexibility and expansive nature of this aspect of our server.

Crafting Recipes 



Acts as your main spell caster. The item is bound and will be retained upon death. It is crafted using the recipe given below. 

Spell Book

Acts as your main spell caster too. The item is bound and will be retained upon death. An alternative to the Wand. It is crafted using the recipe given below.. 

Mana Talisman

Hold in your off-hand for a Mana boost. It gives you a +30% Mana Boost, a +20% Mana regeneration boost, and a +50% boost to all SP earnt. It also gives you a defense against Poison and Magic damage. This is key to quickly leveling up your spell points to unlock new spells and abilities. The item is bound and will be retained upon death. It is crafted using the recipe given below. You will have to go exploring for this item to get that Heart of The Sea!